CJP Printing

The process of creating models in printing technology CJP (ColorJet Printing) by selective assembling of powder. The advantages of this technology are fast construction time models (2-4 cm high model of an hour ), relatively low cost and ability to print multi-colored models.

 Construction of models proceeds in stages . The file is divided into thin layers. These in turn are sent sequentially to a printer that zespaja them together to form a physical model which reflects a precise CAD design. Model layer is formed by assembling a powder material by means of a special colored binder. The element that dispenses liquid is printhead similar to those in inkjet printers. The application process and zespajania individual layers is repeated until the completion of the entire model.

This technology works by creating architectural models, models, new products, healthcare, education, foundry, engineering, hobby and many others..

Technologia ta sprawdza się przy tworzeniu modeli architektonicznych, modeli nowych produktów, medycznych, edukacyjnych, odlewniczych, inżynieryjnych, hobbystycznych a także wielu innych.