About us

The company specializes in the creation (printing) of prototypes and spatial models made ​​of plastic. Our printers are the latest generation of 3D printers designed for printing in high-precision, including complex parts, including mobile. Our machine park provides a full range of solutions available from both low cost and high speed printing with less precision (Fused Deposition Modeling) to the super detailed and accurate, and robust models (Multijetmodeling). Models are evaluated and printed from the supplied file in STL format. You can also scan a 3D print of the original object.

Our company is a member of Polish 3D Printing Association 



The company also distributes 3D printers, spare parts and consumables.

3DWYDRUKI.pl are partners with 3D LAB, reseller of  3DSystems printers.

3DWYDRUKI.pl are partners with CAD-XPERT reseller of MakerBot printers.

3DWYDRUKI.pl are partners with HEXAGON GROUP reseller of DWS printers.

3DWYDRUKI.pl are partners with WOLFIX producent of Wolfix filaments. 

3DWYDRUKI.pl are partners with DIMCAD reseller of  Artec scaners. 

3DWYDRUKI.pl are partners with Świat Druku 3D portal.

3DWYDRUKI.pl are partners with Centrum Druku 3D  portal. 






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